Verb: used to discribe the actions of a person or group who's behavoir is that of an tool, ass, or douchebag

French origin from word douche meaning to wash
She was so upset by his acts of douchebaggery that she promptly hit him in the groin
by C. M. Lauger October 02, 2009
The act of being a Douchebag, perfected to an art
The boss is keeping us late again. Why must we put up with such douchebaggery?
by miller2112 May 24, 2009
To commit an act(s) that is/are indicative of a douchebag.
Mitchell picked out and ate all the fucking sausage in the sausage and vegetable mix... Leaving only vegetables. A complete act of douchebaggery!
by @rustyshackleford February 17, 2015
A declaration sent to friends via email, text or said in person when someone...

1. selfishly chooses going out with a guy or gal for a date over doing an activity with friends. Especially when it is one of the friend's birthday.

2. Forgets to do something or be somewhere with his or her friends.

3. does something selfish rather than helping his friends or others.

4. Shows up late to an event.
5. Shows up late and makes everyone else late for an event.

6. does not show up to an event scheduled by friends.
7. eats all of the food without sharing.
8. gets so drunk that he or she becomes belligerent and incomprehensible, and yells profanity in public places.

9. Hogs the microphone at Karaoke.
10. wants to go to places or eat at places only he or she wants to go to.
11. tells his or her friends not to go to an event, but in turn, goes to the event anyway.
He chooses going on a date with a girl than hang out with his friends on his friend's birthday??!! I declare DOUCHEBAGGERY!!!!
by JAR8 August 30, 2010
ALL SHIRTLESS WONDERS SUFFER FROM DOUCHBAGGERY. Ironically, these shirtless wonders are the same guys ("Brah's", in their native tongue) who spend an absurd amount of $$$ on t-shirts - the term for mass possession of these sparkly, tattoo, and tribal print shirts is known as "DOUCHE-SWAGGERY".

An accurate way of identifying these Brahs is to know that they abide by the exact opposite set of laws that traditional vampires do:

As opposed to being unable to be exposed to sunlight, they actively seek out said sunlit environments. Because of this, you will not see a pale-skinned DB, but rather notice an brown-orange (termed "Bro-orange" by Crayola).

Also contradictory to vampire dogma, silver or a crucifix does not repel the DB's, as they do vampires. DB's will most often own and wear a silver crucifix, and in extreme cases will wear a silver crucifix overlapping a tattoo of a crucifix, whilst their arm is slung over their main bitch, stage name "Silver".

Also, churches, which provide a place of protection from vampires, hasn't been proven to repel DB's yet; although a DB has never been spotted in a house of God, to date. The best safe haven to run to for protection against DB's is the lower body/legs section of your local gym - DB's are known to avoid this area AT ALL COSTS.
The level of douchebaggery witnessed here tonight by all of the meat heads at the bar caused me to coin a new term; "Juice-bag".
by Brewlhp2 July 11, 2012
To live ones life as a douche bag. To engage in douchiness. Also known as the Porter-Manis philosophy of life.
Five Vegas bombs later, those two were engaged in some serious douche baggery.
by Bag-o-Douche February 05, 2010
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