1. A personality type that is well-defined by other definitions here

2. Describes a certain look or style, especially when someone dresses in the most tasteless fashion possible.

3. What the vast majority of the guys at my school dressed like at the senior prom.
Wow, look at Tom over there, wearing a backwards-facing baseball cap with his tuxedo. And there's Damon, dressed like a total poser with his gaudy and trashy-looking wannabe-pimp outfit and bling bling. I don't think anyone could look anymore like a douchebag than those two.
by no7orious July 02, 2009
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Someone who slows the learning process down of the entire world. Demanding to be loved, Arrogance, dishonest, pretentious, self-absorbed, pussy, little bitch, two-faced, hits women, acts familiar and then trashes a person behind their back, standoff-ish, trendy/conforming, uses other people, no direction in life, negative, destructive to those around him, unintelligent, likes 'secrets', the game you just lost
Half the people in Atlanta, GA are douchebags.
by Family Plot July 20, 2008
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Douche Bag
1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. A person that is a total moron and doesn't think before he/she speaks or acts.
3. One with an undescribeable idiocy, hence stupidity, poor idea of what's cool, possibly an arrogance about them.
4. One with an intolerable personality.
5. Personified by a Troll named Eniquity, that constantly trolls Darkpear forums, random smack talking emo n00b, filled with a false sense of self worth
Dude don't be like Eniquity, you emo douche bag.
by Anirowned December 16, 2005
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somebody who you think is a complete retard and doesn't know anything about what they're talking about.
by Justin Hartless December 11, 2003
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A person (most likely a man) who is self-absorbed and in love with himself and is very obnoxious about it and chalks up any negative criticism to jealousy. That guy who thinks he is a god and won't shut up about it.
this Mike Guy from Jersey shore actually nicknamed his own abs and compares his fame with the Beatles....what adouchebag
by That's Him Officer June 27, 2010
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|a| - someone who;; talks shit, starts shit, wont finish their shit, &&and the end of the day still thinks they own the universe.

closely related to;; asshole
"god, he walks around and acts like hes the best thing in the world when really no one likes him. what a douche bag."
by twin. July 24, 2005
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An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.
Your boss is a real douchebag!
by Burrito Brad June 28, 2006
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