|a| - someone who;; talks shit, starts shit, wont finish their shit, &&and the end of the day still thinks they own the universe.

closely related to;; asshole
"god, he walks around and acts like hes the best thing in the world when really no one likes him. what a douche bag."
by twin. July 24, 2005
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An obnoxious, pretentious, self-important jerk who’s oblivious to their own ridiculousness.
John Edwards is a douchebag

South Park:
John Edwards: But I'm a psychic.

Stan: No dude, your a douche.

John Edwards: I'm not a douche. What if I really believe dead people talk to me?

Stan: Then you're a stupid douche.
by LivvyGrl December 19, 2011
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is an annoying person who is desprately seeking attention in an unsubtle, non-cool, overused, outdated, out of style, unsophisticated and dramatic way trying to empress but doesn't knows how idiotic, embarassing, annoying and ultimately uncool they appear to society, others and me! ;) hahahaha!
Soulja boy and crew are douchebags writing his name on his shades trying to be so cool along with the overly size clothes they wear! XD
by E'man December 02, 2009
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A person with a really shitty personality and a oversized ego who thinks he's smarter than he actually is and makes a jack-ass of himself in public. They normally assume the form of a pompas (usually rich) over gelled haired pretty boy, with a retardly deep voice. Normally wears pink polo shirts with the collar turned up, pants hanging below his lack of ass, backwards white baseball cap with green lettering, and puka shells. Is often seen watching downloaded simpsons episodes on his video iPod while talking on his razor cell phone in the middle of the hall way at a local highschool.
2) The offspring of assholes and will develop into fully mature assholes when they get a job in a office.
1) all the kids in 90210

Christ what a douchebag
by weirdasswhitegirl November 12, 2008
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A pretentious, egotistical jerk. Anyone who has an over-inflated sense of superiority.

Not to be confused with Asshole, as assholes are proud of themselves and know and do not care others hate them.

Douchebags are oblivious to being hated and scorned by others.
"I hate that slutty douchebag Kaity. She honestly thinks everyone wants her stupid ass "

I hate faggot hipster douchbags.
by Emos_Suck September 26, 2010
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Individual, or individuals who piss you off on good days, and piss you off even more on bad days.
those assholes can pound sand for all I care cheapskates
by anonymous April 03, 2005
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A person almost completely lacking in social awareness, yet thinks they are actually some sort of casanova. Usually has an extremely inflated sense of self worth, which is puzzling to others because in reality they are seen as quite irritating or pathetic. A more extreme version of a "douche" in the sense that they are more in your face about displaying their douchiness.
Wow he thinks those girls are really into him and keeps forcing awkward conversation with them when its obvious to everybody else that they think he's repulsive. He's a total douchebag
by The Gold is Here August 04, 2007
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