Shortened form of "the dog's bollocks", used to inversely describe something that is very good.
Guy 1: Hey check out my new car.
Guy2: Ah mate, that's the DB!
by zOMFG BBQ ROFLCOPTERS April 6, 2009
The official symbol for teabagging. While speaking to my sister on Skype, I tried to make the text version of the symbol of the Deathly Hallows from the new Harry Potter movie. Instead we both laughed as we realized it's true, unspoken meaning.
Sally: OMG!
John: /db\
Sally: WTF?!
by Peaches of Texas November 28, 2010
An emoticon/smilie that represents a combination of :D (smiling) and the rightmost portion of d-_-b, a rare emoticon most frequently employed by east asian users, generally used to indicate thumbs up (among other things).

:Db hence is an unusual amalgamation of horizontal and vertical emoticons, generally used to indicate strong approval (and possibly elation).
Wow, that was a cleverly planned rickroll! :Db

I hope to see you published in the New York Times soon. :Db
by Dadiwalla May 26, 2009
Say where can i buy some crack son?
Shit that ninja ROb G a DB with a DB mayne, he got chicken sandwhiches and waffle fries fo FREE!
by DK thats the Name March 12, 2008
shortened form of douche-bag
David is a DB.
by Sam and Laura March 10, 2004
shortened for Douche Bag or Dumb Bitch, Basically the same creature, with douche bag being the masculine form and dumb bitch being the feminine form
That bar was full of nothing but a bunch of DB's.
by Zeppelina August 1, 2007
Can mean “dis boi”, “Dat boi”, or “deez bois”
Can insert an f and be used as “dfb” to mean “dis fucking boi”, etc
I told db I wanted to go to grab a bite to eat

There were hella db’s in line for ice cream
by Safeway Jacket January 2, 2020