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The plastic extention the connects to the douche tube, for smoother penatration into the Vagina (pussy).
Girl #1: "Can I borrow your douche pipe?"
Girl #2: "Yeah, but be sure to give it back before the end of the month"
by Cockzilla September 01, 2005
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n. Literally, the hollow, slender tube of a douche that is partially inserted into a woman's vagina while douching.

In the modern vernacular, a derogatory term descriptive of a disagreeable person whose personality is such that to tie it with the related epithet douchebag is not sufficiently insulting or abraisive.
Gary didn't fill up the gas tank when he returned my car. Not only that, but he took my spare tire! That douchepipe is crazy if he thinks he can borrow my ride again!
by Kevin Howlett January 24, 2004
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The high-brass instrument commonly referred to as the trumpet
Gary over there plays the tuba.
What about James?
That fag? He plays the douche pipe.
by BlckAlchmst March 07, 2010
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