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The event of having sex with one partner right after another.
Man, last night I had a double-header with a blonde hottie and her brunette ho biatch friend.
by KBK January 22, 2005
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Felatio performed by two people upon one other person simultaneously.
Sarah actually brought her friend over last night and they gave me a double header. Two mouths are better than one.
by Chase Daugherty November 28, 2006
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masturbating two times or more consecutively. as in, without loss of erection.
School's out tomorrow. I think I'll pull off a double header.
by whitebolo January 15, 2005
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When you fuck two different people on seperate occasions during the same day.
"sorry dude, i can't come by right now, or later either for that matter. I'm with gina right now, then I'll be headed over to laura's. It's a regular double header!"
by master holy crap August 06, 2008
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When a simple blow job turns into a fun game of how many times can I make you cum, or how many times can I snap my jaw back into place; blowing someone til they cum, then swallowing and immediately start blowing them again until they cum a second time.
She gave me a double header right on my parents couch!
by __N00DLe__ June 27, 2011
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