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to masturbate immediately or soon after waking from slumber. similar to a wake and bake
I had a dream about Vida Guerra--had to wake and shake like a madman.
by whitebolo April 16, 2005

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The act of masturbating as to cause loss of stamina and increase of fatigue to induce sleep quickly.
Got a test tomorrow, better sleepurbate.
by whitebolo January 20, 2005

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masturbating two times or more consecutively. as in, without loss of erection.
School's out tomorrow. I think I'll pull off a double header.
by whitebolo January 15, 2005

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simultaneous double penetration and oral sex
customer: "Does Jenna Haze get trifactor'd in this DVD?"

cashier: "Yeah, in the gangbang scene."
by whitebolo May 22, 2005

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