when someone texts you and you dont respond so they text you again later.
hailey: hi (10:11am)
hailey: hru? (1:35pm)
martin: im ok. (3:09pm)

martin: hailey wont stop double texting me. she's getting on my nerves (1:38pm)
aiden: damn man (1:39pm)
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Double texting is an absurd new way to turn an entire aspect of social communication into a taboo irrational thing. Generally used by normies that can't argue and instead spend times writing fallacious ad hominem arguments, but also an influencer that knows how to trick easily influenced people.
In practice, the meaning is vague and ambiguous , leaving the user the choice to use this new "trendy(sic)" term as they please. It generally means either that :
-the opposite interlocutor has sent multiple messages in a row .
-the opposite interlocutor is simulteanously talking with two persons , including the user.
According to the second definition, if a frequent double text caller also listens to rap (which tends to be the case in newer generations which will use this "trendy new term") , it is very plausible that they'll recoil in fear due to a cognitive dissonance as people point out the rapper they listen to also tends to "double text", if not "octuple text" , and many times in a row .

See also: fallacy , argument , normie and more specifically simian .

X and Y are in a heated argument about a bomb , about which Y barely reveals anything. Y is the double text caller.
Y: Uh uh, no, well I think this bomb is at least 100 times stronger than 50 kilotons.
Y: 1000* lol i didn't notice
Y: one zero didn't appear
Here, X does not take action concerning the fact Y "double texted" , simply because they aren't interested in this kind of "trendy terms" and would rather get educated.
X: Absolutely wrong. Assuming it is a regular old chemical-based bomb, you simply can't reach such powers above 11t.
X: Mind you, not kt (kiloton), just t (ton) of TNT.
Y: uuuuuugh r u double texting ?
Y: double texter SMH SMH SMH
Y Proceeds to then spam a half ton of unicode symbols that contain colors, more specifically yellow faces displaying Y's apparent annoyance for the double text, although it is evident they simply can't argue at X's level and are bothered by it.
(Note: 11 tons of TNT of power is referring to the MOAB's blast yield, which is (currently) the highest of any chemical/regular bombs. Nuclear bombs can reach much higher yields measured sometimes in the megatons because they convert mass into energy much more efficiently (Chemical bombs barely convert anything to E in E=MC² , while nuclear fission bombs reach 4% at best (which is still rather efficient compared to , for example, coal plants, which explains how optimal atomic plants are compared to something that barely releases any energy.))
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Someone sending the exact same text again because they think you didn't get it.
So what happened last night?
An hour later....
So what happened last night?
Stop double texting me!
by TheKungFuCat June 11, 2017
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The double text refers to impatient boys or girls usually desparate for their crush's attention. When two texts are sent without one reply making he/she seem desparate. Quite common, but more rare forms have been witnessed: the triple text and even the quadruple text.
Kurt: Hey babe you alright? Xxxx
Kurt: Oooh givin me the silent treatment r we? :P xxx
The double text has been committed- NO REPLY
Kurt: what u up to bbe x
NO REPLY - triple text
Kurt: Mornin you, alrite today? X

Texts usually hours apart then increase to days apart as sender doesn't want to look desparate even though they are also note number of kisses declines.
by wldntulike2no;) May 25, 2011
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The act of using two texts in order to convey information that only required a single text.
Andrew: Yo im about to go apple picking
Nicole: Haha I love apple picking!
Nicole: Will you bring me back some?
Andrew: Youre always double texting me :p
by Eskwiomnos October 7, 2011
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Sending the same text message to more than one recipient, simply because you're lazy and/or the message will work for more than one person.
"Are you double texting Julie and Sarah?"
"Yeah, telling them the same thing and it saves thumb."
by Lee Daniels August 1, 2007
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