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Pornography involving two participants with neither arms nor legs.
You fancy watching a bit of anal? No thanks mate, I've got the latest double nugget DVD.
by dirty_boy December 03, 2007
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when a man’s balls are stuffed into a female/male’s mouth
Did you hear how Ben double nuggeted Emma last night?
by vegan messiah 2.0 January 03, 2018
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she had nipples on her like thumbs on a boxers glove, a fanny like a double nugget, she was built for shagging
by Clive October 08, 2003
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When you turn someones bag inside out 'nugget' then you poo inside their bag, making it a 'double nugget'
Oi bro I just double nuggeted aiden berenger's bag. lol
by poolips101 September 06, 2017
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