The technique of tapping the surface of a drum which results in a large bass sound is achieved by using a Bass Pedal. The Double kick is a bass pedal, but accompanied by a dueling bass pedal. This combination results in a furious peice of equipment that can "double" the speed, rythms, and technical destruction that any other peice of musical equipment can create.

This Musical Epiphany has been pioneered by bands, such as Metallica, lamb of god, Trivium, darkest hour, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and even some new young up and comers such as Protest the Hero.

You may want to check out the pearl Eliminator, the DW5000, or the Iron Cobra. They'll get the job done son.
1. "holy fucking shit... did you hear that double kick?" my inner strength has been shredded to peices. god help me.

2. "mother of mercy the chains on my double kick heated up to 1000 degrees. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!oneoneeleven."

3. Guy 1:"I bet if jesus played drums.. he'd use a double kick"
Guy 2: "trueness.."

4. Lars Ulrich slays me when he uses the double kick in "One"
by rehashed November 24, 2005
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The Double Punch-Kick is a variation of the Punch-Kick which has become almost as feared as it's attack-of-origin. It differs only in that instead of only attacking with one side of the body, the assailant must jump with his entire body with all of his arms and legs extended.
Victim: I just bought a new Sean Kingston album, what do you think?
Assailant: Oh... you fag *Double Punch-Kicks*


Victim: These are madnesses!
Assailant Madnesses? THESE! ARE! SPARTAS!
Victim: Ouch, you bastard, those hurt.
by Denny Blazen January 9, 2008
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when you hit 2 people simultaneously in their gooches.
That bastard gave us a double gooch we killed his family and burned him at the cross.
by JJ January 17, 2004
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The act of kicking an opponent behind you while spinning around and striking them with both your fist clinched together.
Jim just tried to do a "double fisted mule kick" on the dude at the bar. He missed and fell on his ass though.
by skibby avenger July 29, 2011
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When one female asserts her dominance over another female in a social situation by twisting both nipples and kicking the 'opponent' in the vaj.
A: "Dude, she totally double nurple hoo kicked that b*tch."
B: "Reckon it's better than peeing on my carpet."
by alphadog00 March 10, 2010
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When anyone named Special Ed get kicked in his Vag for trying to give a rusty trombone to a Kangaroo. Warning: don not attempt at home.
Special yelled "titties!!" but suddenly got the "double-kangaroo scissor kick" in his drain cleaner. It was sad.
by TITTIES!!!!!! November 24, 2008
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