When two guys align their dicks in parallel (resembling a double-barrel shotgun) and penetrate the pussy in hopes of bottoming out.
Hey Bobby lets double barreled shotgun this bitch! GOTEM!
by Gotem aka Metog April 13, 2008
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A. a break open shotgun with 2 barrels

B. the best way to say "get the fuck off my lawn"

C. everything else on this page
John: I THOUGH I TOLD YOU JW TO STAY OFF MY LAWN *gets out the double-barrel shotgun* *JW's run away as fast as they can go*
by captain caffine January 10, 2011
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From the people who brought you the shotgun... The double-barrel shotgun will revolutionize the way you get trashed...A double shot of vodka immediately followed by a shotgunned beer...alcohol consumption has never been so efficient
Wanna shotgun a beer?
Fuck that, let's do a double barrel shotgun
by Hamilton Porter December 16, 2010
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the girl in the middle of a guy-girl-guy threesome.

receiving a penis in the vagina and anus simultaneously.

the act of having sex with a woman at the same time as another man.
Dave and I pulled a double-barrel shotgun on Jane last night.

I really wanna try a double-barrel shotgun, but I'm afraid it might hurt.
by littlemissfancypants July 11, 2008
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The act of defecating and vomiting simultaneously. Usually a symptom of the flu or other gastro-intenstinal virus.
Dude, can you get a wet-dry vac and some bleach? I went to go puke in the toilet, but I was packing the double-barrel shotgun so I got some anal confetti on the floor.
by Duct Tape Boy February 15, 2004
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The act of a girl sucking two dicks at one time. Hence the term Double Barrel Shotgun.
"Do you think you can handle a Double Barrel Shotgun sweetie?" Me
"I dont know maybee both but if not definatly one!" Her
"In that case we better go with the single shot!" Me.
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When a woman farts and queefs at the same time.
I made a joke while have sex from behind, and when I pulled out, she was laughing so hard, she double-barrel shotgunned me.
by Beenshot June 29, 2015
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