Dossier is just a fancy French word for a load of crap.
by LightDescends December 15, 2019
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curriculum vitae. The main events of your life, summed up, for example as a means to apply for a job.

Also, a build of character on a research subject.
I have his dossier here for you examination.
by Surd July 4, 2006
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a certain kind of weed; in the same range as chronic and hydro; better than kind bud.
1. we blow that dossier nigga, man i thought i told ya.
2. down here we chop on blades, and blow that dossier.
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Le dossier s'installe sur les paves
by rascal July 25, 2005
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Something strange, made of something called "Rapport". It's unknown from some peoples such as agent Runner who is not a real detective.
"Oh John, where is your damn "rapport" ?"
* John has ceased to function. His "dossier" does not exist.
by Tuwnew March 2, 2018
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verb: To add funny quotes or expressions to a dossier comprised entirely of said items, to be referred to and chuckled at, at a later date.
Wendy, why aren't you quote dossiering these items?
by punky! February 2, 2007
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Lucent Dossier (Loo-sent Doss-ee-ay) is a traveling group of performers. The are amazing. You probably know them from the Panic! At The Disco video, 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'. They were also on tour with Panic! At The Disco recently. They are themed in performing arts, sort of a 'Cirque Du soleil meets Moulin Rougue'. They are also known for their burlesque-themed outfits and style...and very crazy make-up. Roger Fajas seems to be the ringleader.
Person1-Dude, Check out Lucent Dossier. They put on an amazing show.

Person2-I already have. I must say that Ringleader Roger is absolutely awesome.
by ShotgunxWeddingxx August 28, 2006
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