A person who has sexual intercourse with someone that looks identical to them but is not related.
Omg they both have bowl cuts and are 6 feet tall. TOTAL doppelbangers.
by flaxypoo April 17, 2010
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A person working in the adult entertainment industry who looks eerily similar to someone else.
The Kim Kardashian of 2005 is barely a doppelbanger of Kim Kardashian of 2010.
by CammieB December 12, 2010
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when you want to bang people who look like they could be your twin.
friend 1: "that girl over there is a TOTAL BABE."
friend 2: "um, she's looks exactly like you."
friend 1: "what's wrong with that?"
friend 2: "it just means that you're a total doppelbanger, that's all."
by grace jones January 30, 2010
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Your celebrity doppelganger that people would rather bang.
I was totally throwing myself at him, but he went to masturbate to pictures of my doppelbanger.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 5, 2010
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someone who has two penises, and one of them is evil.
"That guy is such a doppelbanger. He was doing me and slipped the evil dick up my butthole."

"But I liked it."
by Rick and Jesse March 16, 2007
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The act of a gay man hooking up with or dating another gay man with very similar physical features or appearance.
Did you see that guy Alex is doppelbanging? He looks just like him.
by sea_otter July 27, 2010
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doppelbanger: (n.) a guy who gets girls drunk and then has sex with them (usually in a darkened room) while pretending to be their boyfriend

doppelbang (v.): to intentionally get a girl so drunk that she has sex with you because she confuses you with her boyfriend
(n.) "Don't let Jack keep feeding you shots of Old Crow -- he's a well-known doppelbanger!"

Michele: "Yo, how did Bill manage to fuck Molly at that kegger when her boyfriend went to the bathroom?"
Michael: "He totally doppelbanged her!"
by jody r. gross March 3, 2007
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