The exterior area of a home surrounding the most commonly used entryway, typically the driveway area; A logical extension of "barnyard," "back yard" and "front yard," it is likely that this compound word grew out of a necessity to distinguish working areas from living areas. In a practice common to the region, homes were attached to barns and other out-buildings; dooryard identifies the exterior area of a home not given over to farming. A household word in the County, dooryard is seldom heard elsewhere.
"Buddy does a good job of plowin' out th' dooryard."
by whitner November 14, 2006
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A Maine term for front yard or driveway.
Boy: Who drove into the dooryard?
Girl: Its my folks!
Boy: Oh no!
Girl: Quick! Put your clothes back on before they come in!!
by Mel Function September 6, 2003
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When a mud cricket jerks ya off in some dude’s driveway in Washington County, Maine
Heard ya girl gave you a Dooryard Handjob at ya ma’s house
by TheDowneaster February 10, 2022
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The entire area in front of the main entrance to a suburban home.
She kicked him out again. This time, his stuff was strewn all over their dooryard: his clothes down the lawn, his gear in the driveway and the heaviest stuff just kind of landed off the front steps.
by Lorealee January 26, 2021
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