3 definitions by hydrated_calcium

Upgraded version of hoofty doofty. When your more angry or annoyed than hoofty doofty.
Calcium 1: You know this that and the other
Calcium 2: When?
Calcium 1: When what?
Calcium 2: When did I ask?
Calcium 1: What was the point in that for god sake!
Calcium 2: Ooh scary, someone’s getting doofty hoofty.
by hydrated_calcium July 8, 2021
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When your wound up, annoyed, pissed of etc…
Calcium 1. Shut up!
Calcium 2. What…
Calcium 1. No just shut up
Calcium 2. *whispers all right no need to get hoofty doofty
by hydrated_calcium July 4, 2021
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