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1. a small doughy treat sometimes covered with powdered sugar or cinnamon.
2. When you fuck someone from behind while resting a box of doughnuts on their back. Continue to eat 1 dozen donuts before climaxing to successfully complete THE DONUTHOLE.
1. Man im stuffed from all of these donutholes.
2. Man im stuffed from all of these donutholes!!!
by Crazy Mikes October 20, 2006
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Inserting and pulling your nuts out of a girls ass. Perfomed especially well if you get a suction noise.
John donut holed that chick last night.
by joe joun August 16, 2005
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During coitus, at some point, when the girl wears a dildo and screws the man in the ass until he takes a dump.
Your mom gave me a donuthole last night. And it was pretty good.
by The Question October 20, 2008
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