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The sweetest guy on the planet. He's cute and funny and very optimistic. He'll make you feel great about yourself even though he's a little self conscious. He's definitely a guy you want to bring home to your parents.
I want to marry Donovin. He's the sweetest!!!
by rattatatat June 14, 2014
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The stupidest dick in the world who never has a clue on what’s going on and Spreads lies. A Donovin can be cute but only will date you to be popular. He also does not know how to date and act like a mature adult.
“That Donovin is a sack of balls”
“Donovin sent me a dick pic.”
“ Donovin is so gay
by The girl who knew a Donovin September 17, 2018
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a obnoxious smelly ass dominacan (not to be racist)who is always on his cell phone talking to his 400 pound hoes..,and always looking for a fight
by noraki February 18, 2004
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