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A fat kid in the show "Salute Your Shorts" on Nickelodeon, circa early 90s.
"Donkey Lips has remained a virgin for all of his life, because he is so fat and ugly." I said, laughing.
by lenox November 05, 2003
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Basically, a donkey lip is one vagina lip that is larger than the other, usually due to an ass-load of sex from one side.
Joe pulled down the girl's pants only to reveal the huge, beat-up donkey lip waiting for him.
by Ahoff101 January 23, 2006
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An unusually stupid, promiscous, and constantly drunken female. Ages 14-?
Last night donkeylips tried to run from the cops and ran through the screen.
by Dr. Sour Diesel January 13, 2006
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"labia gigantica" large labias
Hey clem did you see joyces nasty donkey lips
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
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