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When a man wears a shirt, but no pants or shoes. He may also wear a hat, but no pants.
Jerry: Yeah dude, I woke up today and didn't put on pants, just a shirt, and I think I'll just stay like this the rest of the day.
Larry: Oh man, so your Donald Duckin' it today.
Jerry: All day.
by Stephen Q August 14, 2006
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to have sexual intercourse while one or all of the involved participants are wearing shirts
Don't worry, it wasn't that slutty. She was donald duckin' it.
by Busy n' Sweatpants February 17, 2010
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to go completely naked from the waist-down while wearing a shirt, just like donald duck. headwear and footwear are fine, as long as the two central rules are followed: 1) must not be wearing any pants or underpants at all, flopping your junk around for all to see, and 2) must be wearing a shirt.
"when we walked down to the nude end of baker beach this weekend to check out the surf, we saw a wrinkly naked guy doing yoga and two other dudes playing frisbee. one of them was totally donald duckin' it!"

"no way!"

"oh yeah - floppy sun hat, red t-shirt, flip flops, and a smile. i'm still creeped out about it."
by htron June 04, 2007
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After sexual intercourse, when the male finds his shirt first, puts it on while looking for pants or underwear. Thus walking around the room naked from the waist down.
Dude, after I fucked Darla I was Donald Duckin' It for a good three minutes. I finally found my boxers.
by thr33bestfriends July 10, 2011
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