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A Great Lover. A Great Friend. A man that gave many women sexual gratification.
Sometimes people call friends or people who are smooth with ladies Don Juan.

That jon, he's such a don juan.
by Jon M. S. July 20, 2003
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Don Juan- A "Lady Killer" as they say. Meaning a bro who is very good with the ladies.
Person #1: "Dude, check out that Don Juan over there...He's totally killin' it with those chicks."

Person #2: "Oh yeah, thats Jacob."
by asink July 20, 2009
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Legend has it that he slep with over a thousand different women from eight different countries, but was eventually sent to Hell for refusing to give up his lustful ways.
The modern version of a Don Juan would be a pimp or a playa.
by kid August 26, 2003
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a man who is attractive to and successful with many woman (From the reputation of a Spanish Nobleman Portrayed in a Brittish Poem)
This Guy was apparently a total Don Juan because every girl who spoke to him automatically tried to ask him out.
by The Return of Light Joker September 19, 2009
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a ladies man and player (in the sexual sense) who also has a knack for stealing other mens' girlfriends at parties and other social events.
a guy and his girlfriend in conversation:

guy: Listen sweetie, Emily. I am a Martian, and therefore have to consider it my duty to warn you that at parties, my father can sometimes get carried away and become aDon Juan.

Emily (shrieking): What? Are you serious? As a Venusian, I would like to know how your mother would handle such a situation.

Carl: Well. I don't get on that well with my dad anyways, and, besides you are welcome to ask my old lady that question, but not at tomorrow's party though; otherwise you'd be committing what in my family is called lol a party foul.

Emily: well, in that case I will watch your father's behavior carefully throughout tomorrow's party, and later in the week ask your mom about it, and then decide for myself whether your father is a true Don Juan or not, but for now, lol, please stop hitting the sauce when it comes to talking about your dad. He is after all your dad.

Carl: to the victor go the spoils then.

Emily: Okay.
by sexydimma May 12, 2012
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"Don Juan" is a satiric poem, written by British poet Lord Byron (1788-1824). He wrote the poem between 1818-1819 and dedicated it to Robert Southey (who was Poet Laureate). The legend surrounding the character of Don Juan extends beyond Byron's poem.
"Don Juan" is truly one of Bryon's greatest poetic achievements. Sadly, the rustics that I taught could not even pronounce the title correctly, let alone grasp its meaning.
by Chris G: Unibrowed P-I-M-P January 12, 2005
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