A short story or mere gathering of words written with feeling, often foreshadowing an underlying theme or emotion.Poems do NOT require any specific punctuation or format.Can be used to convey a certain mood to the reader, making it as if the reader is experiencing the written text. Poems also normally have strong emotional impact on those who gratefully understand good literature.
Positive poem:
I look at the world gratefully
Yes our world.
The one others think of as dull
I see as pure beauty.
From the squirrel on the ground
To the lone drifting cloud.
Beautiful each and every thing
In its own unique way

Negative poem:
Why am I here?
Why must I suffer?
What have I done
To deserve being

Left here?


In a sea of people
So many people
Careless people.
Was it me?
Is it my fault?
Have I done something

Have I forgotten
A past deed undone?
Who knows.
But for now I am stuck.
In this world.
Why am I here?

Psychotic poem:
What's this?
A bug.
A small little thing.
No importance?
No purpose?
How do we know this bug is not
The almighty?
How do we know that all that is
Anything in this world
Isn't just a figment
Of this bugs
We know not of where

We came from.
We can only hypothesize.
Be gone small bug.
For if I take your life
Who knows what could happen
To the world?
Be gone bug.
Be gone.

By the way these are all 100% ORIGINAL poems written by me... Just now. ッ
by Lavvy P. ッ November 7, 2013
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Baby, baby!
Yes, Mama?
Watching porn?

No, mama!
Telling a lie?
No, mama!
Open your Chrome.

The child read the poem ridiculously.
by AssCracked August 29, 2015
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A short thing that rhymes and is either corny,sweet,or bithcy
Roses are red Violets are blue
I was in love, but not with you
You thought you hurt me, made me cry
But I was in love with another guy
You told me you loved me, but that wasn't true
But guess what PIMP, I played you too! =)

This is a good poem!
by Peyton Mott February 1, 2009
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A group of words phrazed together to create a peice of writing. Generally, it is short, but a poem can be anything that shows something--a feeling...a sound...a color...a thought... Most of them rhyme, but some don't. People sometimes have poetry slams, in which people read these poems aloud.

The saddest thing I see—
People who walk, not knowing where they are
Wanderers, dropped on this earth by mistake
Empty eyes, like pebbles, dropped in a lake.
They see only images
A dim outline in the fog of appearance.
Like words that you’ve said so many times they have no meaning
These people are just clones
With shadows of who they could have been.
Of whom they are not.

Is there a cure for those who do not care?
Is there a way to save all of the lonely people of this world who don’t know who they are?
Is there a way to help the people who don’t know they need it?
The cure?
The cure is love.

By Nono (me)
by NoNo Claire December 20, 2006
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A measuring stick for the depth of one’s heart.
A poem: "Handshake"

"He comes to shake my hand; locking my palm in a grip of iron. One can only wonder why he chooses to hold me so firmly; in what is such a powerful vice of muscle and flesh? Is it my hand he intends to crush with this brutal grasp? Or is it the aspirations he believes I still hold for his woman? Could it be more? Could he actually be so foolish as to think it even possible to crush my very love for her with only but his fingers? HA!! Such is the reasoning of this simple fool. Let me assure you my friend, both hands and more will break before that day!"
by nethcev! September 10, 2006
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A great way for angst-ridden teens to vent their emotions using eloquent language and heart-wrenching content.
Poems don't usually include sarcasm, do they?
by Diggity Monkeez November 24, 2004
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\ˈpō-əm, -im, ˈpōm also ˈpȯ(-)im, ˈpō-ˌem\
Definition of POEM

1:Something that is beautiful yet scarred, sweet yet fierce, joyous yet sorrowful, graceful yet clumsy, formal yet raw, tormented yet loved.
The most complex thing in this world is a poem.
by Mar Necrocon April 18, 2011
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