A new code for the shaman deity that has united the tribal nation-states of America. Also called The Great Spirit. As cultures collide some struggle while others secretly evolve and thrive through the generations. The Irish Godfather provided whimsical levity and humor for his children so they may accept Unicorns, Leprechauns, and Gnomes into the new storytelling traditions. The pursuit of happiness requires laughter and the Holy Okie is an Irish Choctaw Bud that grew from a seed the Choctaw planted during the Irish potato famine fourteen years after the trail of tears.
Jesus carried the Spirit of "Lord Bud" into my heart, and he became the content of my Character, He is the judge of all that I do. He found me guilty and gave me a life sentence as an indentured servant to him that created me. I am my father's crowning Glory and only the Holy Okie may tell my story.
by Spiritual-Master January 5, 2022
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