A Dolphin Is a human being from the female gender ,whom has NO ass ( buttocks). The name dolphin is in comparison to having nothing but a hole on ones backside. Cheeck-less women can still live ordinary lives , some shorter endowed males need dolphin pussy because the booty cock blocks like a jealous friend
I'd like to flipper upside down and eat that dolphins a hole
by TeenMilf October 18, 2020
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An extremely sexy man that you want to have intimate sexual relations with and have him blow a load of beautiful warm man seed into your ass or vagina.
“Yo Ashley did you see that dolphin?”

“Dylan lets go dolphin hunting today!”

I want that dolphin to fuck me right here in the middle of the restaurant!”
by TheGayDolphin January 10, 2020
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Dude is that shark doing back-flips to showtunes?

Yeah, that one is the dolphin.
by Dove de Phoenix June 16, 2010
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An animal that can only be trained via positive reinforcement.
"I tried to put a leash my dolphin but it swam away"
by thePSAT October 19, 2014
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Bro i got a dolphin when Breanna was sitting on my lap!
by bhskannnk16 October 7, 2010
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When a girl has a small, really cute face, but the body is rather larger and disproportionate to the face.
Guy #1: "Hey check out that girl's profile picture. She has a really nice face!"
Guy #2: "Nevermind the face, you should see the rest of her. She's a real dolphin."
by PaulVanTesla December 7, 2010
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Another slang for ecstasy pills.
Friend 1: Hey you wanna go dolphin riding?

Friend 2: Ahh I can't I need to sleep tonight, because I have work in the morning.
by Raverkidhehe April 9, 2013
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