When sledding down a snow-covered hill and there are less sleds than people, it is the act of nearly sharing your sled but sliding down the hill again at the last moment.
Person 1: "Here, Person 2, take my sled."
Person 2: "Thank--"
Person 1: "DOLLY PARTON!"
Person 1 then slides down the hill again.
by Aureliano Benton February 16, 2009
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1.A random famous person.
2.A very chesty girl.
1.OMG! Is that Dolly Parton?\
2. ISn't it strange how her mother is an A cup and she's dolly parton?
by Knowledge_101 September 15, 2006
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When you're titty fucking your girlfriend and the two of you are singing a duet.
"Brenda and I did The Dolly Parton last night. We sang 'Islands in the Stream.' I think I lover her, man." "Heavy."
by RoyCoup November 16, 2012
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A famous country singer with breasts too large to even be considered real. A prime example of what teenagers call "fake people"
Stupid young person #1: "Look at Dolly Parton smile!! Isn't she just the most beautiful person you've ever seen?"
Stupid young person #2: "... Everytime?!?"
by the awful truth July 10, 2008
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As a refference to the song workin 9-5, you line up 9 shots of tequilla and 5 shots of jack daniels and drink it all in under 2 minutes.
Jimmy: Bro last night i did a dolly parton bro...9 tequillas and 5 JD.

Tony: How was it?

Jimmy: Dude i passed out in my civic. But bro my civic she boots!!
by JorgeSanchez April 14, 2008
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In billiards, a type of break where no solid or striped balls are pocketed. Is usually accompanied by another relevant phrase, 'all bust, no balls'.
Man, no balls went in. That was a Dolly Parton Break. What is a Dolly Parton Break, you say? One that is all bust, no balls.
by slwslw October 27, 2007
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A bridge in Mobile, AL named the General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge, but known to as The Dolly Parton Bridge by locals and others because of it's boob shape.
by TheNinthWave October 03, 2020
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