dogmatism is when you have dog autism.
jason: i am smart
anthony: no you idiot you have dogmatism
by zoomzoomthefastestniggaalive October 7, 2019
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Opinionated person. A Dogmatic person thinks he or she is always right and won't listen to any other opinion.
Mr. X is a dogmatic person.
by Dyuké July 21, 2004
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in a way that shows you are certain that your beliefs are right and that others should accept them, without paying attention to evidence or other opinions
Nowhere in the report does she provide evidence for these assertions: they are merely dogmatically stated as fact.
by F.F =))) July 21, 2017
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When a dog does something on its own.
Spot dogmatically barks at any passing cars
by definitelynotadog June 11, 2018
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Against any established or absolute certainty of an opinion, belief, or principle.
My anti-dogmatic friend has an open mind on all subjects and rarely has an absolute opinion about anything.
by WordSmith007 January 5, 2012
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in my term, dogmatic cunt means when someone is dogmatic and a cunt about your beliefs. a dogmatic cunt means someone being a super religious and judging other people's beliefs (no matter what belief of faith they're in ), telling them " you are going to hell if don't believe in jesus ". dogmatic cunts will ostracize you everyday for believing anything that is different.
~~say for instance

me:" well i'm not a christian and i believe in THIS instead.."

Some christian karen: "WHAT??! you don't beilieve in jesus???? YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!! "

me: WOOOWWWW!!! I'm not going to hell because you and I don't believe the same. screw off , you dogmatic cunt ! !

~~that's how you respond. .spread the word and have a great time using that word. peace out.
by KumoriAkuma April 10, 2021
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