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A man positions himself behind his partner, and inserts his d*ck into his woman's vagina from behind. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees. The guy can then pull her hair, and use her boobies for handles.
My favorite sexual postion is doggy style! I love it when the man has all the control!
by El Psycho June 02, 2003
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A sexual position where the lady get on all four puts her ass up, and the guy inserts his dick in her pussy or ass, and hump at it in a dog like way. Great position for the lady because the guys nuts hits her clit during it. Making it feel real good.
Girl, may I mount you and do it doggystyle until we both cum all over?
by Mykie December 05, 2006
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1.) a sexual position where the woman gets on all fours and the dude hits it from behind.
2.) Snoop Dogg's best album; one of the best rap albums of all time.
1.) I banged her doggystyle.

2.) With so much drama in the LBC
It's kinda hard bein' Snoop D-O-double-G
by boom boom b July 26, 2004
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NOUN: Sexual intercourse between a man and woman charterized by the woman bending over, typically on all fours, and the man inserting his penis into her VAGINA.

ADVERB: in the manner or style of sexual intercourse described above
N: Amy likes woman-on-top while Tom perfers doggystyle

ADJ: Tom wanted to do Amy doggystyle
by crew8221 March 08, 2004
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Girl is bent over, usually on all four's and you fuck her pussy or ass.
"We were fucking 'doggystyle'."
by Diego September 04, 2003
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(in dance) The male partner stands straight without moving or leans with his back to a wall, while the female bends down and rubs her bottom (see shaking her booty) against the partners frontal hip area to attract his attention.
All the hoes in the club do the doggy style.
by vivisimo September 17, 2010
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