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A man positions himself behind his partner, and inserts his d*ck into his woman's vagina from behind. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees. The guy can then pull her hair, and use her boobies for handles.
My favorite sexual postion is doggy style! I love it when the man has all the control!
by El Psycho June 02, 2003

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Something that requires a lot of activity and after it's done, nothing has changed, nothing at all. Except the bank accounts of those that are actually good at these sports.

Also: the pinnacle of inefficiency.
I'm too smart (lazy) to do sports
by El Psycho May 22, 2003

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1) Acronym: Generally Overrated Deity
2) Acronym: Generally Overrated Drunk

First definition as used by people that believe in a different deity.
Second definition as used by people that take responsibility for their own actions and have 'faith' in themselves.
by El Psycho May 20, 2003

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