Everyone's seen that pecilar peice of pink skin protrude from a hairy dog penis. When you roll you tounge into a tube, stick it out and gently tickle your lover anywhere you want, particuarly the anus. It works best when you make it a suprise. And it feels just like a dog penis.
Timmy demanded i bend over for some sodomy the next thing i knew i felt delicate moist flesh tickling me in the sphincter. I asked him what the hell he was doing and he responded "dog penis biatch." and smashed a two-by four over my head. By the way timmy is my Cocker Spaniel. But the tounge works too!
by Chucky Clark May 1, 2005
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the act of putting a persons ballsack over their erect penis, forming a hot dog penis.
"did you guys ever try doing the hot dog penis?"
by alllm August 26, 2016
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It's a hot dog with a penis instead of a hot dog meat
Before he preformed a portuguese chocolate he fed her a penis-dog
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