A really, really ugly guy. Usually a one that hits on you or in some other way shows an intrest in you. The actual definition comes from the cold hard truth the guy's face resembles a dog's butt or is infact uglier than one. Either that, or his personality totally blows.
"Ugh. Why do I always get all the dogs butts?" Emmy cried after Tom the pizza faced Sophmore with the permanent allergies gave her a cafeteria cookie and a hand drawn stick figure portrait. "It's like I'm a dog butt magnet of something."
by haha...oh wait July 20, 2006
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when a girl's ass is so small it resembles that of a dog's.
wow that girl has a nice body, but a dog butt
by SMASH October 31, 2012
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long, flat butt cheeks that resemble a hot dog bun. Similar to long butt but often genetic and not the result of fashion. Often called HDB for short.
Did you see Jennifer wearing those Jordache jeans? Girls got one gigantic hot dog butt.
by architecture origami June 8, 2009
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When a woman’s butt cheeks are big enough she can cradle a dick between them like a hotdog between buns.
When Gina’s lying on her stomach with that big hot dog butt in the air, all I can think about is sliding my wiener between her buns.
by Ilovemaeby February 11, 2018
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A dirty sexual act where the man spread's his buttcheeks apart, sits on that bitches head and cums down her face. Dog's butt hat!
"what did you do with sandy last night?"
"awe it was awesome, i totally gave her a dog's butt hat!"
by dogsbutthat November 23, 2012
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A friend that you are mad at for 3-5 seconds
Dude don't be a Pornhead Poop Dog Butt Face
by Swimming Jesus May 10, 2010
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When your girlfriend is not in the mood for sex, you spoon her and put it between her cheeks like a butt dog.
Mary had a headache last night, so I gave her a butt dog!
by Ed-o-rama May 29, 2006
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