disreputability, tendency towards the dishonest, state of doubtful authentification
She (von Speyr) had a long series of visions into saints' lives (eternalised as the "Book of All Hallows") which reads like so many school reports and has a tendency towards theological dodginess.
by Alarick September 02, 2006
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Of questionable legality, like a scam, or questionable moral or structural integrity. Originally British.
"Ehhh, I dunno, that piece is pretty dodgy. It's all rusty, hasn't been used in a few decades, it might fall apart."

"Smuggling ganja out of Mendocino could get some tall dollars, but it's a dodgy scam, the cops proly bust people for that all the time."
by Danny Delinquent October 04, 2003
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the :dodgy: is a smiley, purple in color, and sarcastic in nature. Made popular by paintball messageboards such as pbnation.com and pbreview.com, it exists to show sarcasm even when the coding doesn't work.
...I'd hit it... :dodgy:

by WeapsO June 21, 2006
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An emoticon overly used on PBNation. Ususally used to show sarcasm, it is now used for anything and as become exetremely annoying.
That's a great idea! :dodgy:
by Tair Whitepaw November 09, 2005
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Disreputable, such as a person who goes to work without any shoes. British slang term.
You see that guy over there? Yea the one wearing the polyester pant suit with the intricate pattern made up entirely of pink flamingos. Now he's a dodgy fellow.
by Interns1 020 July 20, 2009
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1. Something that has a moderate level of risk.
2. Something that is not quite morally right to be doing.
1. ''Jumping that gap's gonna be a bit dodgy, eh?''
2. ''Dinnae say that about her man, that's well dodgy''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
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