1. A game played most often in middle-school gym class. Usually fun, although often ends up to the social exclusion of nerds, dorks, etc. Can also be very painful to play. Essentially, people throw foam or rubber balls at the people on the other team. If you're hit, you're out,if you catch it, the thrower is out. Usually enjoyed by jocks and athletic people. Un-athletic people, such as myself, always leave the dodge ball field to a stream of boos and "You suck for being a wimp!"s. It's still damn fun, though. Is currently being banned from many schools.

2. The balls used in said game.

Nerd: *Throws ball*
Jock: *catches ball easily* YOU SUCK, WIMP!
Nerd: *leaves field*


I got a concussion because I was hit with a dodgeball thrown at the speed of light by that jock over there.
by NESDude January 5, 2010
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A female of any age range who is so desperate for attention or affection,they will sleep with any guy they can get.
Explanation:Pertaining specifically to a loose woman's vagina,which she metaphorically throws at any man,hoping to 'nail' one or as many as possible,like a game of dodgeball.
Club guy 1:Hey man,check out Shannon,grinding on ANOTHER random guy.
Club guy 2:Man,she is such a dodgeball.
Club guy 1:I know....if she tries throwing my way,I just duck outta the way.
by ShamelessScotian June 3, 2013
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A game that has the players divided into two teams that play on separate sides of a court with a line down the middle that cannot be crossed. Each team is given a number of balls that they use to try to hit someone with. If you are hit you are out, but if you catch the ball the person who threw it at you is out.

This game was played mostly in elementary/middle schools but is now being outlawed. :(

- If you're skinny, hide behind the bigger people. It always works until the teacher sees what you are doing.
- Carry an extra ball to hit other balls coming your way
Dodgeball gave some kid a concussion and now we can't play it anymore. What a sissy.
by a dodgeball lover June 21, 2006
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1. A sport where "almost" nobody is seriously injured...

2. How I broke my foot
1. Hey, did you hear, Intramural Dodgeball is at the community center!

2. I was catching a dodgeball when I heard a snap, I knew I would never hear the end of this one.
by Hobbles216 June 29, 2005
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Where at least half of my school memories were made. A game where you can just unleash your anger and have some fun with your friends. At my school we played it every single friday and I had PE last period and that was basiclly "a short cut to the weekend". What made it really fun was if you hit someone in the head you get bonus points because they have to take someone on there tam out with them. We also had a rule that if you got hit so hard and you went to the ground you also had to take someone out with you. But now we have dumb ass parents that are complaining about there kids getting a little bruise or cut on them. Well parents I got a newsflash for you: YOU CAN GET HURT IN EVERY SINGLE SPORT POSSIBLE!!!!!!! So if your one of those parents well how bout you go buy your kid a sumo suit and let them play before you ruin it for everyone.
OMG my kid got a microscopic bruise on him from playing Dodgeball lets sue the school board!!!!!! WTF people its school shit happens. If your kid would actually dodge like the game title says you wouldnt have that problem.
by Mr. Murphy(the awsome one) December 30, 2011
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Someone who is so damn cool they like to throw balls at each other and dress up stupid, and then get rather drunk in the apres-dodgeball activities.
Daddy, when I grow up I wanna be a dodgeballer...
Forget actors and pop stars, I wanna find me a dodgeballer to love...
by Patches O'Stedlihan April 8, 2011
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To send a cell phone text message to your network of friends through the increasingly popular website dodgeball.com
"When I go out later, I'll dodgeball."
by fambai December 28, 2005
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