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A male duo of inseparable bestfriends usually named Ty(ler) or Ryan who act like Truffle butter baby bitches alone but when together surpass bitch levels over 9000. But are generally loyal and great friends to others and cool as fuck in their own way
Friend: Hey Bro you wanna go see Tyan?
Friend 2: fuck yeah those stomp waffle bitches are great
by badder than Heman October 31, 2017
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An over the top crazy light skin who has no ass or titties but still manages to pull people from the same and opposite sex.
Markus- Aye who that?
John- That's Tyan nigga.
Markus- She straight?
John- She was last week.
by lemonsndpineapples December 25, 2016
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Tyan is a another word for Godess. Mainly used in Singapore. Some like to believe 'Tyan' is useless but it is not true. Tyan is beauty & Tyan is Grace but they are too kind to much you in the face
"She's such a Tyan"
by bossassbimbo December 27, 2016
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