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"Nigga Be Cool" stick - A baseball bat, broom handle or other similar weapon used in "street warfare". Normally used while saying the phrase "nigga be cool"
"keep fuckin' 'round and catch somma dis NBC stick"
"Nigga," (CRACK!!! (bat striking the other individual)) "Be Cool!!!"
by Jonny Blaze February 19, 2004
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Time to get high. Very, very high.
"Later on that there day
My homey, Dr. Dre
came through with a gangk of Tanqueray
And a fat ass J
Of some bubonic chronic that made me choke (shit)
This ain't no joke
I had to back up off of it and sit my cup down
Tanqueray and chronic, yeah I'm fucked up now"-Snoop
by Jonny Blaze April 15, 2004
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"Give ya'll niggas the business for fuckin' wit me!"

From DMX (The Rap Artist)
by Jonny Blaze February 19, 2004
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Refered to as a martial art but, is actual the phonetics of chambering a pistol and firing it.
1) I know kung fu!!!
2) Yeah? Well I know "Ching Ching Pow"!
1) What the fuck?
2) Yeah bitch, (with hand motioning) "Ching" (pulling slide back) "Ching" (slide going forward with round) "POW!!!" (gun firing)
by Jonny Blaze February 22, 2004
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1) DMX -aka- Earl Simmons, also refered to as the "Grand Champ" of hip hop.
2) Dark Man X
3) Dark Man baby, X for short
4) Damien

4) Listed as a manic depressant with extreme paranoia, and dog "he" got somthin' fo ya!!! ;)P
DMX is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time.
by Jonny Blaze February 22, 2004
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