The Desktop Management Interface (DMI) generates a standard framework for managing and tracking components in a desktop, notebook or server computer, by abstracting the managed devices from the software that manages them.
The development of DMI marked the first move by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) into desktop-management standards. Before the introduction of DMI, no standardized source of information could provide details about components in a personal computer.
by ICEMAN1992 January 01, 2010
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An acronym for Disturbing Mental Image.Used as a response for something strange and disturbing that you didn't want in your head.(Invented my my friends and I)
Person:"Okay,Imagine our teacher without any clothes on."
by Mizzy July 10, 2006
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a hot little white girl from the united states, usually found next to a kyle, or white male
Damn that D'mi isnt taken, i call dibs!
by neager01 February 12, 2008
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Dick Mass Index. Similar to Body Mass Index (BMI). How big a dick is in relation to someone’s height and weight.
β€œYeah sure Paul is skinny but have you heard about his DMI?”
by booos mobo July 28, 2018
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Elementfariy, clan ho of elite vengeance, clan in ths massive online game RuneScape
hey have you dated dmi the pixel hugger yet?
by MejustMe August 23, 2008
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Dick Mass Index: a calculation to determine how much weight one holds in their genitalia
I lost a bunch of weight recently but I think my DMI has doubled.
by Rickrandolph August 24, 2018
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