Commonly used by teachers to say 'worksheets'
Remember class, you have a ditto to complete for homework
by veggieness May 08, 2005
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Something you say to your boyfriend when he says I love you when you are mad at him. originated from the movie GHOST, as a way to avoid actually saying those three words...stupid commitment phobe!
Matthew: Oh hey why are you mad at me? I love you.
Jo-Dee: I'm not mad okay! Ditto!
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
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to mean that a person is slow and does not understand an obvious statement/joke/fact.
N-dawg doesn't even know how to look up words in the dictionary. He is such a ditto.

N-dawg thinks he can whoop me in wrestling...what a ditto.
by N_Bubba January 08, 2011
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it seems nobody got the real source yet:
'Ditto' comes from Latin, and means about 'as has been said before'. So most of the other explanations are correct.
there's a lot of examples around already.
by Bill Bigfoot April 09, 2007
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