Adj 1.Fortified with Funkiness, brimming and overflowing with Funk, a fountain of Funk. 2.To become so overwhelmed by funk as to render un-usable or unwanted.
1.Parliament--Mothership Connection--"Unfunky UFO": "Deep in pain I called the names of some funkified friends of mine." 2. "Her nappy dugout's all funkified"
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If you listen to have indeed been funkified
also, used as slang for that fire shit...yo i go that funk son!!!
by mb March 3, 2005
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a stupid word that Jessica made up and started using in place of every other adjective in the world.
Jessica: "This pizza is funkified."
Alex: "Just say it's delicious idiot."
Jessica: "You know what Alex?"
Alex: "What?"
Jessica: "You are NOT funkified."
Alex: "Well you know what else?"
Jessica: "WHAT?!"
Alex: "I hate you."
Jessica: "I hate you too."
by AlexHatesJessica July 11, 2008
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to make something funky, i.e., bizarre in a cool way
Let me try to funkify that song so people can boogie down to it.
by dinonychus October 3, 2005
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A word to describe something that wasn't funky, but now is. Like modified, but replaced with funky
'wow that car used to be alwful....but now it's funkified!'
by Dani Moffatt June 2, 2006
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I made the ball more funky. Is a example of funkify.
by Jason April 24, 2003
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