Hot, Attractive, generally a clean cut guy or gal, if some one say's this to you, your well in there.
Sam :P He is Dishy
by Secret320 March 31, 2011
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Weird, keen, vehement.

Enthusiastic person who is immature and a massive wet wipe. Some what like a sponge.
Amy - 'That Chris Galvin guy is being awfully dishy'.
by drylunch November 04, 2012
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Something stupid, out of place, wrong, fishy, suspicious, idiotic, juvenile, strange, weird, different, funny, humorous, alcoholic in nature, and/or just plain dumb.

1) Don't fly United. They're dishy.
2) I think this Sprite is a little dishy.
3) Don't be dishy.
4) You're such a dish!
5) Something's dishy here...
6) Just go down the dishwasher.
7) Mrs. Smith needs to wash her dishes.
8) You just got dished!
9) Man, is this dishy.
10) Don't go all dishy on me.
by jam-man November 07, 2005
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When something is bad, dodgy, or someone is unattractive.
Jacks meating Lauren today

Na he shouldn’t she’s ‘dishy

Let’s walk down that ally way

Na bro that’s ‘dishy’ asf
by Kai fillis May 13, 2018
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