a person who disagrees -does not have to be always but they must disagree often enough
We call her The Disagreer.
by .Alicia June 28, 2005
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Shit that's not on yo terms in other words you don't agree
We had a little disagreement
by Tha Nigga To Ask April 15, 2015
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A person who is pathologically contrary to everything that is said to him/her. Will argue black is white until they are blue...no green...no red in the face. Even if you agree with them they will rise up in opposition. Political life is the perfect arena for this kind of nonsense.
It's wonderful that Barack Obhama has become the first black president of the USA
He's not black, he's white!
Oh, you're such a disagreement junkie
by Rev Ian Paisley December 29, 2009
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There will be a Great Disagreer who will restore balance to the earth. The Great Disagreer Will Disagree with anyone and always win the disagreement rather write or wrong. The Great Disagreer Will start a war and every person who disagrees with the Disagreer Will die. This will result in every person to be under the rule of the Great Disagreer.
Yo bro I think my mom is The Great Disagreer from The Disagreement Prophecy
by HurricaneIvan July 11, 2021
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When you are distracted by an argument or fight between yourself and another and someone steals your shit.
Thomas: Boii your backpack got stolen while you were having a petty disagreement with green.
by DYGaming March 13, 2017
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A conflict between 2 people
So It's a conflict?
No It's a mutual disagreement
by FakeDoggo October 7, 2020
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A Professional Disagreer is a person who, no matter what the topic is about will disagree with you . This type of person has no knowledge about what he is actually dis agreeing with. But he just does.
This dude is a Professional Disagreer.
by Bailmaninmo December 14, 2018
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