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the result of some dumb bitch not wiping her ass properly (back to front as opposed to front to back) and then you try going down there and there are shit crumbs in her lips and those little fuckers get in your mouth and now you've got shit breath you dirty fucker. also, rubbing your own defecate onto a girlie's privates.
i went south on sandy and she had the dirty clam, dum bitch can't wipe properly.
or alternately
yo momz was talkin shit so i gave her the dirty clam
by smacky October 14, 2004
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Penial insertion into the Vagina, preceded by vaginal insertion. High risk of UTI and other vaginal infections. But loads of fun (sperm:-)
"And then she was all;

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

So I said;

"Shut up bitch, or I'll Dirty Clam the shit outta you!"
by PhukdemHomes July 14, 2012
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when you pull your pants down and stick someones nose in your butt crack and fart on their face
i just gave Jim a dirty clam.
by mr.bigg June 05, 2009
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