A beautiful woman with such a strong heart and will to do anything for anyone and it sometimes hurts her, but with the right person it makes her happy. She is a gorgeous goddess that makes anyone happy with her body and her soul. She is widely intelligent and knows when things are wrong and knows when to fix it and how. She can go from sad to happy easily if brought happiness from the right person. She is well kept and knows how to show a lot of affection and heart. She will be the love of your life and someone who will keep your heart close.
Dominica looks at a man and she melts his heart.
by Seababy December 21, 2016
A beautiful Caribbean island that focuses on nature. It has many features as in the top ten diving sites in the world due to vast undersea volcanoes and an extensive coral reef system. It also has the worlds second largest boiling lake despite its fairly small size. Dominica is the only place in the Caribbean where the native tribe, Caribs, survived the british colonization. It is the home to many black sand beaches as well as white giving greater variety. With 365 rivers this is a site for any eco-tourist.
Tourist: I am interested in the sea, sun, and sand but I want to have something more than that in my Caribbean vacation. I want to hike, see living history, and dive.

Travel Agent: You should go to Dominica. With their new Waitukubuli national trail its sure to be a blast. Its way more interesting that flat Barbados that only has beaches.
by Dominicalvr May 5, 2011
Dominica is to be dumb

Dumb dom
by Cleavage98 December 25, 2022