A game, in which the object is to find parking...
Meatwad played clam digger all day, while master shake was stabbing him in the back of the neck with a fondue fork...
by Charvelsandimas September 05, 2007
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A woman who is constantly scratching her dirty stinkhole due to a case of chronic persistent chlamydia. Unclean women who are promiscuous are generally at a high risk, including prostitutes, tunabitches, Paris Hilton, and other pickle ticklers.
"Damn dude, I can smell that clam digger's musky emanation, and I think I'm gonna drop a vom bomb. Damn!"
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
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Clam Digger (N); A person who must "dig" to get to the "clam."

One who must move large amounts of fat to gain access to an obese woman's vagina.
"Mike slept with Fat-Susan last week."
"What a clam digger."
by Kyle Kendizzle May 24, 2007
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Boys who like girls who like girls. Similar to "Fag Hag" for girls who like boys who like boys.
Joe is sure digging Tina. Doesn't he know she's a muff-muncher? He's such a clam digger.
by clamless August 14, 2006
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mans large cock with flat type head.....
vacation in long beach washington my girl pick up a BIG clam & said " Look at that clam digger "

( long beach washington is the longest beach in the world )
by itichie_nocanpo June 27, 2006
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Baggy pants ending at the calf that give a feeling of the carribean islands. Usually came with rope belts to give it a nautical look. They were popular in the 1950s and 60s.
Like wow, your threads razz my berries! Girl, I like how you're sporting those cool clam diggers instead of everyone else with their lame poodle skirts, capris, and pedal pushers.
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