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A person who exhibits extreme perversion and an unbridled enjoyment for all things sexual.
You dirty birdie! (in response to a comment involving something perverse or sexual, duh)
by TheAngryMidget May 30, 2004
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1. A high end prostitute in the late 1920's, early 1930's. Often too pricey for the general population, their services were often required by the wealthy and those in government.

2. An expensive ass hooker.

3. The earliest known form of high scale escorts.
"How was he able to afford her? She's one of those Dirty Birdies....?"
"He's a billionaire."
by killerpenguins March 31, 2015
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A really cute nice guy who's known for being slutty. As long as you know he's not for you, and you keep him in check, you can enjoy this guy.
Yeah I know he's a dirty birdie, so I won't invest any feelings over him, he's just such a great kisser.
by sparklemotion July 27, 2008
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A dance done at Camp Swampy by Major Randy "Birdie" Burk. Mostly done after a winning golf game. He will stamp his feet into the dirt, peck at the ground like a chicken, and wave his hands in the air. Similar to the Dirty Bird fan move. So if you want to stay out until about 12:30 play golf with Birdie Burk and learn the Dirty Birdie!
Birdie: Yes, I beat you good, Halftrack! (jumps up and down in excitement) Dirty Birdie, take that! (starts doing the Dirty Birdie)

Amos: Yeah, you beat me all right. What's this dance you're doing? Is that the Dirty Bird? (he starts following what Birdie's doing)

Birdie: No. Its not the Dirty Bird, its the Dirty Birdie. Its a dance that I do every time I win a golf game. You stamp your feet, peck like a chicken, and then do the Dirty Bird. Beetle Bailey fans will love it.

Amos: Sweet! This is a great new dance. When we get back I'm going to show it to Marty. We'll be doing the Dirty Birdie all the way down.

Birdie: Oh yes! The Dirty Birdie rules! Its a sweet move. It doesn't hurty when you do the Dirty Birdie!

Amos: Sweet! (they high five each other and stamp their feet)
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 28, 2011
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Adjective used in order to describe the apex of erotically charged female characters.
“YOU... You, Dirty Birdie...”
“I know, right?”
by Smiley311 January 01, 2018
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