Used to describe the act of taking a sip from another person's beverage without touching one's lips to the rim of the container.

(It is interesting to note that only native Orange County residents know the true definition of this term)
1. Can I please have a birdie of your water, dude?
by Jenny March 8, 2005
A bitch dramatic youtuber at the age of 12 years old and has about 5 different boyfriends
"Birdie:my boyfriend is toxika-wait no! kitty-SLEEPYKINQ!-ARGHHHHH"
by OiveithisgirlH0T May 26, 2018
1) Raised middle finger.
2) Golf term, hitting the ball into the hole one under par.
3) Patronising word for a bird.
1) I birdied the bus today!
2) Alright! I got a birdie!
by Arran January 3, 2005
When something messed up has happened.

When an event occurs that is generally of an unbelievable stature.
Bruv 1: Oh shit bruv that chick kicked me in the nuts innit?
Bruv 2: That's Birdie Bruv!
by ThatBrownGuy November 21, 2009
raised middle finger. When you photograph someone, make him laugh by flipping him the bird and saying, "watch the birdie"
"watch the birdie" as in the above sentence
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
One of the sans fan girls. She vents a lot and is trying to get her account back after DogeDust got it Suspended.
Billy: Jesus Christ! Birdie's new animations are scary!
by McBoobs (IHateShitters) March 9, 2018
"Did you hear of what Birdie did to Himeguts?"

"What did they do?"

"Doxxed them over Rayman!"

by someone birdie hates May 13, 2020