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In the state of Montana (perhaps elsewhere, I'm not sure) dirty 30 refers to a 30 pack of Keystone Light. Cheap shitty beer that all the hicks LOOVVEEE.
"Dude, dirty 30 only 13 bucks at Orange Street Market!"
by Ca-ca-ca-carmen September 01, 2005
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The 30-aves in East Oakland, California. Hella dangerous for non-residents.
Where that hoe Bubbles stay at?
She stay in the dirty 30s.
Shit, I ain't tryin' to hit that bad.
by pbarr October 27, 2011
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A young caucasian female who appears to be at the upper crust of society but instead is from a really ghetto area such as Springfield, Ma. which is full of stabbings murders and hoodrats.
O damn that white girl can booty pop, she looks so innocent too, she's definatly a dirty 30
by Senor Miguel Angel de Jesus December 13, 2011
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Rasheed Wallace, number 30, forward for the Portland Trail Blazers NBA basketball team. In the world of sportswriting, Sheed is frequently criticized for his large salary, marijuana citation, large collection of technical fouls, suspensions, altercations and a racially charged Oregonian interview where he said the NBA exploits African-Americans.
by Mike Chicago February 08, 2004
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Marijuana that is over priced, often sold as chronic (30 a half eighth 60 an eighth) when it is actually mid grade weed (20 a half eighth 60 an eighth)
Jimmy: Did you get that chron yet?

Zack: Ya, but it turned out to be some of them dirty 30s.

Jimmy: Aint that a bitch.
by Goofy b00ts August 20, 2008
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