any female that is hot or that is a slut or that gets on the dance floor and twerks their ass.
You lil dirt!! Get your little dirt ass on the floor and twerk something you lil dirt. Dirts make penises happy.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
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Info on a persons past activities whether embarassing or harmful depending on the story being told.
I'll give you some dirt on that girl there. In high school she was the class slut. Stay away from that cooter.
by Apu February 21, 2003
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Dirts, a word used to describe somthing bad ,that which isnt good.Many times used to describe the lowest grade of weed.
person 1, hey what do u think of this car this guy is selling ?
person 2, na man this car is dirts i dont like it! .

person 1, hey what kinda weed is that ?
person 2. oh its that project dirts.
by inc mobster November 17, 2006
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Someone who dosen't fit into any specific classifications or stereo-types, but instead makes his/her own path in life by doing as he pleases regardless if it is exceptable to current trends or fashions.
by The King Of Cartoons October 23, 2003
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Refers to quite possibly the coolest type of guy on the face of the earth. He's universally loved, so much that they can call him "dirt," still love him, and he totally gets away with it. He is usually accompanied by a beautiful cat, which only makes him that much more sweet. Anyone able to get away with such strangeness obviously deserves such an exalted name.
Holy crap! Did you see that guy standing naked in the party? He's totally Dirt!
by Erick BT May 10, 2005
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Meaning of a person being really good. Or something amazing.

Ex: Yo man did you hear Lil wayne's new song " Its Dirt ''.

Those Are the new Nikes " There so Dirt ".
Ex: Person 1-Yo man did you hear Lil wayne's new song Person 2- No why? Person 1- "He's Dirt"

Ex: Is that the new ipod touch? "Thats Dirt ".
by EjRastaGangstaa September 20, 2010
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