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Someone who will never stop until she’s satisfied. Mitzys usually are extremely passionate and adorable. They are sometimes aggressive but it’s the kind. Everyone wants a girl like Mitzy.
Damn Mitzy bad asf, but she got a bighead. Jk😊
by Jair aka Daddy February 28, 2019
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Mitzy is a girl who is beautiful, amazing, and has a talented soul. She's really shy but once you get to know her she's crazy and outgoing and has a big butt. She only cares for people that are important to her and she loves food!!
Boy#1- "damn, Mitzy is so hot."
Boy#2- "I wish I could talk to her."
by Lolllbye January 11, 2017
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A type of extasy that will make your eyes bulge and your chin swing like Catholic priest in Sunday school.
What you boshin the night chi? Mitzies marra, I’m gonna be hanging on to me bollocks in 5 ye feckin blinder.
by BunglerDoonSooth November 09, 2018
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A very beautiful and caring woman. Beauty poise and heart all rolled onto one amazing package. To know a Mitzy means you have lived a happy life.
I want my son to marry a Mitzy. To know Mitzy means you have lived
by Alarm man May 28, 2018
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A very warm, funny, artistic girl who likes to swim and play sims. And likes big lollipops. She really likes compliments.
Annoying d-bag: "dude mitzy is so hot. Tbh I'd so date her"

Regular person: "no you uncultured swine she is warm, and you would date anything that won't run away from you"
by Jaybird fly December 28, 2013
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She’s beautiful amazing gorgeous cute and just an wonderful friend to have a mitzy jokes around a lot and likes to run she is all so really sexy and has a beautiful and amazing smile a mitzy is also really smart and strong you will never find another perfect person then a mitzy.... there really hot🙃😅
Mitzy: I’m breaking up with you
Lucky dude: WHAT WHY!?!
Mitzy: nah jk ily🤣
Lucky dude ilyt
by It’s to say the truth March 17, 2019
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