A big lizard-like thing that lived LONG LONG AGO! Back with the cavemen...i think. umz they were super rad. and ate eachother, or we're vegetarians! And said alot of "GRRRZ" and "RAWRS" and "jhefuwegfjegfwuefiwbi". And some had wings and they had....scales and they were so cute. But then they decided to move to like another galaxy and now they are no longer..... Veggie dogs anyone?
Dinosaur numero uno: Earth sucks.
Dinosaur numero dos: yeah lets say a meteor hit us.
Dinosaur numero tres: THATS BRILLIANT. okay little reptiles grab your stuff we are out of here
Human: WTF?!?!?! you dinosaurs talk!
All the dinosaurs:...ehhh....umm.. RAWR !!! CHOMP CHOMP!
by MariaMISFIT December 30, 2008
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An extinct reptile that roamed the earth, but those weird kids who think theyre cool like to pretend that theyre dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool, so they pretend to be a dinosaur because the think it'll make them cool.
by emmix July 8, 2006
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used to describe the position of the body of someone who is standing straight up while puking. Their neck is strained foward, and their hands end up in some sort of T-Rex claw position
TOM:Steve you puked while we were at the bar last night you idiot.
STEVE: Oh yea?
TOM: Yea, but you you were also doin the best dinosaur i have ever seen.
by Rozz Greaze June 11, 2007
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A neeky person who is overly-fascinated by the sciences and spends more time with their calculator than on facebook. Rather than being embarrassed by their enthusiasm, a "dinosaur" is proud and they often distinguish themselves to others of their species by performing a "dinosaur dance" with their hands shaped as claws, often in public places.

Notable dinsoaurs would include Ross Geller of Friends and distinguished engineer Catriona McGill.
"ahhhh mate your such a dinosaur"
"Gosh, catriona is such a dinosaur shes whipping out the claws, trying to attract some scientists!!"
by madlibs88 April 27, 2010
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A person with downsyndrome, Because they sit in chairs and roar
"aw he's a dinosaur like"
by bubble man November 10, 2007
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the new thing for all the 'scene' kids to like. ohh great, jeez, they take everything- sweatbands (used to be for runners y'know who do exercise and get sweaty!), geek glasses (used to be for people with bad eyesight, now a pisstake). Now the dinosaurs. oh christ.
scene kid 1: oh em gee! aren't dinosaurs like... totally the cutest!! raaawrr! XD
scene kid 2: oh yeah! raawwr im a dinosaur!! x

scene kid: arent dinosaurs the best!! rawwr :P
non-scene kid: *under breath* oh god not the dinosaurs what next? *normal voice* yeah.. no shit sherlock
by gutentag:) May 3, 2010
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The origianl name of a great rock band
who decided to change it to Dinosaur Jr.
by die-nough-soar June 26, 2003
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