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A childish way of saying "idiot". Likely an extension of the word dink, which can reference a penis and an idiot simultaneously.

Origin is unknown - could it be a progression from the word "dinky" (18th century Scottish/Northern English word to be disapppointingly small, insignificant).... to the word "dink" (1930s North American, to lightly hit a ball in a sport)... to the early 1980s "dink" / "dinkling" meaning idiot/disappointingly small/penis? Could it be, that a little kid heard the last name "Dinkling", linked it with their knowledge of the word "dink" and the language evolved? Or is it just a fun word that became even more fun once it was used to call each other names with?

Likely was birthed by late Generation-X children, potentially in Western Canada. Rarely used today, but by that generation when they go deep to tap into their inner child to draw an insult.
He is such a dinkling.
by Blue Hydrangea August 09, 2018
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