the ultimate comeback! you can die from this. it's the worst insult you can be called!
Vanessa: You are such a dingleberrie!
Lucinda: * dies *
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A fan of the band RIMJOB from Pittsburgh Kansas.
Karl (Frontman of RIMJOB) Hey all you Dingleberries out there.
by Dingleberrie#1 January 3, 2012
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When wiping your butt with cheap toilet paper, pieces of cheap toilet paper catch/cling to anus hair(s), therefore having berries that dingle from your butt.
If you use that generic toilet paper, you'll get dingleberries.
by samiam6977 January 16, 2009
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A smallish, semi-dry, extraordinarily tenacious remnant of fecal matter which, when unwittingly rolled into a mixture with toilet paper lint by the action of wiping, becomes almost irremovably entangled among ones anal hair, a situationality exacerbated by the vigorous chafing and friction between the buttocks and most commonly remedied by the sad and almost entirely unavoidable remedy of plucking out at its root the individual hair to which each dingleberry is conjoined. Of related interest, dingleberries are often noted as having the vague odor of undigested corn or peanuts.

Ouch! Son of a bitch, that hurt!

Then, dingleberry is uphelp by a coarse and curly hair between the fingers about 6 inches in front of the face and marveled at by the viewer, who experiences waves of anger, wonder, and bitterness while contemplating in earnest the sordid and very stupid affair of shaving the unfortunate crease in his or her own ass.

by Joatamon December 13, 2005
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A dingleberry is when you take a dump and som of the shit sticks to your ass hair! Often wiggles around.
"My Grandpa keeps galning about dingleberrys, what's that?" "That's disguisting"
by RorySowersby April 2, 2017
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Spock needed to tear off a piece of toilet paper for his next mission - elimination of the dingleberry orbiting the black hole.
by Zorra September 28, 2005
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English slang name for a penis. Less offensive that cock, dick, or prick, it's used by mothers when talking to very young male children, or by blokes talking to their doctor who feel a bit of a prick using the word penis.
"Doctor, I caught the end of my dingleberry in my zip; it's very sore and still bleeding a bit."
by AKACroatalin March 12, 2015
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