A contraction of dilly-yo. Used in reference to current goings-on. Also, it contains dill, which is a hilarious word in itself.
So, what's the dilly? Oh, I see. Yeah, I was planning on visiting Mawd's Mom today, too.
by Chicks|Dicks March 16, 2004
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something that sucks, weak, cheap, or all around not bossy
"those spinners look kinda dilly, those aint come with the rims."

by Jcom April 11, 2007
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the annoying "friend" that nobody likes but is always around anyways.
guy:Dude Rachelle is such a dilly.
guy2:I know. I always do as much as i can to get her to go away but she never does.
Rachelle:Hey guys.
Guys:(in unison) Ugh!
by InRestlessWake June 30, 2010
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1. A contraction of 'deal, yo', as in what's the deal, yo?
2. A shortened form of delicious, as in that was delicious.
3. Slang for ideal
girl: What's the dilly?
boy: we're getting pizza.
girl: with mushrooms? Dilly!
by dilly-dally October 16, 2008
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adj: being goofy, awkward or out of place. like a grown man resembling a child
why did he get a bowl-cut? it looks dilly
by marthaaa1872 September 21, 2010
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Something that is there that doesn't belong
A sex toy in a toddler care center is a Dilly.

A video game console in a library.
by Smartkid96 January 12, 2011
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