Budweiser's hamfisted attempt to meme
Manager: Jenkins, come up with a way to make our product a meme
Jenkins: How about a nonsense phrase that we can shoehorn in to our commercials, hoping for social media to carry it?
Manager: That's a hell of an idea, what do you suggest?
Jenkins: Shit, I don't know, uhh... dilly dilly?
by samnball January 13, 2018
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A doublethink interjection used to declare someone "a true friend of the crown," or send someone to the "pit of misery."
1. You are a true friend of the crown. Dilly dilly!
2. Send him to the pit of misery! Dilly dilly!
by RobinHood16 October 7, 2017
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A verbal distraction used by a big beer company to distract the viewers of the actual taste of their beer.
(friend 1) when tasting the corporate bad beer, says: "This beer tastes like......"

(friend 2) yells: "dilly dilly!"

(friend 1) distractedly, responds: "Dilly dilly!" and drinks bad beer.
by XRT21 February 6, 2018
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1. a medieval exclamation of emphasis or agreement
2. a viral phrase being repeated so frequently in some circles that language ceases to have meaning
"I'm done like half the spreadsheet."
"Dilly dilly."

"Dilly dilly." "Dilly dilly!" "Dilly dilly." "Dilly dilly."
by Emperor Saturn December 28, 2017
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an extremely exotic handjob with scented oils and channel stroking of the male sex organ which is intended to secrete maximum amount of sexual butter
I just wish Bruce would notice me and give me some dilly dilly.
by anal expositions August 31, 2017
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delightfully delicious
this cake is dilly dilly
by aquaman422 January 14, 2018
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